Here are the brackets for the 2023 Boys and Girls FKC Basketball Tournament. Both our games are in Axtell, the boys play Overton at 2:30, the girls play Axtell at 4:00 on Saturday. #gobulls
6 days ago, Hi-Line Sports
2023 fkc boys basketball bracket
2023 fkc girls basketball bracket
Most K-6 classes are MAP testing this week. 7-11 students are MAP testing during periods 1-4 on Tuesday & Thursday. Students: please remember to have your iPads charged, get enough sleep, & eat breakfast. We will have a celebration in a few weeks to recognize student growth!
6 days ago, Kilah Deaver
Elwood FCCLA is selling strawberries January 20 through February 10! Fresh grown in Florida, delivered end of February! Help make it possible for our students as they continue to grow in their learning and service opportunities!
7 days ago, Elwood News
BBB: Loomis 75 Hi-Line 71. Final. #gobulls
8 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
Elwood FCCLA and the Junior Class ( post prom ) are selling fresh Florida grown strawberries, delivered at the end of February. Please consider supporting both of these groups! Students will be selling Jan 20 through Feb 10!
8 days ago, Beth Fisher
Elwood FCCLA and Junior post prom have teamed up selling strawberries! Both groups appreciate your support!
BBB: Loomis 46 Hi-Line 43. Halftime. #gobulls
8 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
GBB: Loomis 45 Hi-Line 42. Final. #gobulls
8 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
GBB: Loomis 28 Hi-Line 22. Halftime. #gobulls
8 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
JHBB: Hi-Line @ Overton Tournament Saturday, January 21, 2023. 9:00 AM: Hi-Line girls v Overton (North Gym); 10:00 AM: Hi-Line boys v Overton (North Gym); 11:00 AM: Hi-Line girls (Championship or Consolation); 12:00 PM: Hi-Line boys (Championship or Consolation) #gobulls
9 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
Congratulations to the following students who made the 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester Honor Roll this year.
9 days ago, Elwood News
2nd quarter 22-23 honor roll
1st semster 22-23 honor roll
WR: South Loup WR Invite scheduled for today has been CANCELLED. #gobulls
9 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
HSBB: Hi-Line @ Loomis. Friday, January 20, 2023. 4:30 PM JV girls (2 quarters), followed by JV boys (2 quarters), followed by varsity girls, followed by varsity boys. Online: #gobulls
9 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
The South Loup Wrestling Invite scheduled for Friday has been cancelled.
9 days ago, Pirate Pride
Elwood Public Schools would like to show our gratitude for our wonderful school board! We are thankful for their leadership and the time and effort they put into making our school a better place for staff and students!
11 days ago, Kilah Deaver
School Board Appreciation Month
BBB: Hi-Line 81 Overton 69. Final. #gobulls
11 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
BBB: Hi-Line 40 Overton 29. Halftime. #gobulls
11 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
GBB: Overton 64 Hi-Line 26. Final. #gobulls
11 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
GBB: Overton 39 Hi-Line 17. Halftime. #gobulls
11 days ago, Kurt Banzhaf
Due to the forecast of incoming snow, Elwood Public School will be closed on Wednesday, January 18th.
11 days ago, Pirate Pride
Winter MAP testing is next week for students in grades K-11! Grades K-6: Jan 23th through Feb 1st - Check with your child's teacher to know exactly which days your child is testing. Grades 7-11: Jan 24th & 26th during periods 1-4
12 days ago, Kilah Deaver