senior spotlight alayna moore

   Elwood Senior Alayna Moore is in the spotlight! Alayna has been at Elwood School since

seventh grade. She has had some funny moments throughout her high school years, like when
she went to state FFA, stayed overnight, ordered DoorDash with Zoey and said it was a lot of
fun. Alayna is actively involved in our school by participating in many extracurricular activities.
   She has some advice for underclassmen, especially freshmen: “Take an extra math class
(freshmen can’t take an extra math class anymore), and also go out for extracurriculars. Most
importantly make friends and be kind to others.”
   Alayna plans to go to college and major in English. She wants to be a professor and teach
English someday. She will be missed at Elwood Public Schools after graduation!