Library Update

   In today's world the library can be a forgotten resource. There are lots of great things in our school library, like a computer lab, a lounge, and a whole bunch of books to read. Elwood School’s librarian, Patrick Ropers said, “We are required to have over 150 books on both the elementary and secondary side of the library. So we have plenty of books for anybody who needs one.”

   Another thing the library has is a computer lab. Anyone can go in there and use the computers whenever they want as long as there is someone there to supervise. In the lab, Ropers teaches elementary students how to use these computers, along with skills they will need for high school. Ropers said, “I try to teach the kids basic things like typing and keeping their hands on the home row so they know how to type when they use a computer. I also teach the older elementary students how to create a PowerPoint presentation so they know how to do that when they get into high school.”

   In addition to being the school librarian, Ropers also teaches seventh grade students who do not participate in band. When asked about what he teaches them, Ropers said “I teach them basic skills they should know and once a week, I get Mrs. Dean to help with teaching the skills.”