Pike Plans Career In Criminal Justice

   Elwood Senior Xandria Pike is in the spotlight! Pike grew up in a lot of different areas
including Kearney, Broken Bow, North Platte, and finally Elwood. In school, she participates in
track, one-act, speech, and dance team. In her free time, Pike likes to draw, dance, sing, and
write, but she also loves reading horror novels like Steven King.

   “Always do your work, pay attention, and don’t procrastinate. Every moment counts
when you're in high school and do your best to enjoy it,” Pike advises underclassmen. Pike says
she is looking forward to good grades and learning what she can before she graduates.
Following graduation, she plans to study Criminal Justice at either Wayne State College or
Central Community College in Hastings. Pike will always have fond memories of all her friends
and having fun in speech and one-act.