Fourth Grade Always Strive To Do Their Best

   Fourth Grade has been up to a lot of fun and exciting activities these past weeks.

   “The fourth graders have been putting in a lot of hard work to get ready for the state test
coming up in the next few weeks,” explains fourth grade teacher, Shelby Forster. “We have been working on many activities such as read-across America month, where students are working toward a chance to get to go to the Arapahoe movie theater. We are also getting ready to welcome 16 chicken eggs into the classroom that will go into an incubator and hatch into baby chicks. It’s a really fun and exciting experience!” Forster also says that the fourth graders have made a lot of progress since the first of the school year.

   “They have grown a lot educationally. They work hard every day and they always strive
to do their best.” Forster has done much to improve the classroom such as always changing the
classroom set up to meet her student's needs.

   “We were given a Promethean board, which makes my lessons more interactive for me
and the students. I really enjoy making learning exciting for students and am always looking for
ways to improve in my classroom,” says Forster. It will be fun to see what other exciting
adventures this fourth grade class will take part in.