Third Graders Learn Life Skills Along With Academics

   The third grade students have been learning a lot this year! Erin McDorman, third grade teacher, gives an overview of the progress her students have made so far. In Guidance, they have learned about their emotions, how to deal with them, and about empathy. The third grade students also spend a lot of their time learning and practicing their multiplication facts. By the end of the year, they try to have all of those facts memorized.

   They also learned a lot of interesting topics in Science such as how selection works, different types of clouds and what they mean, if they could outrun a dinosaur, what happens to their bodies in outer space, and so much more. Students compete in a “Severe Weather Poster Competition” and this year three students made it to state with their posters: Reese, Taytam, and Emily!

   On Fridays, the students have been learning some “how to’s”. They have learned how to make a microwave meal, sort and wash laundry, fold clothes, write a check, set a place setting for meals, and proper dinner etiquette. They have also been learning how to budget money in the classroom, where they have to pay rent and bills, but are paid for their jobs. This has been very beneficial for them.

   According to McDorman, the students’ biggest lesson, however, was the Wax Museum at the end of the year. The students learned how to do research, cite sources, and how to write a research paper. Most importantly, they learned about many famous people from history!

   “My favorite part is watching their confidence as they begin presenting in front of many different people!” said McDorman.