SENSPOT Lauren Hickey

   Senior Lauren Hickey is very excited to be ending her senior year with great memories and life long skills. Hickey is looking forward to planning her future through college applications, scholarships, and other opportunities. She will be majoring in Pre-veterinary medicine at UNK, meaning she will have another seven to eight years of schooling. She plans to get a job for the summer before heading to UNK.

   Although four years is a long time to create many valuable memories, Hickey has a few favorites that top all of them from her time at Elwood High School.

   “My favorite memory is either the time the boys exploded the light in Mrs. Crofton's using a water bottle full of dry ice, or the time Mrs. Nickell said a bad word after doing the macarena wrong and I was the only one who heard it.”

   Hickey’s advice to underclassmen is very encouraging, as college is right around the corner for students: “Don't procrastinate, it only makes things worse. Try to enjoy your senior year instead of loading up on hard classes; that's what college is for.”