First Grade Happeings

   The first graders have been learning many exciting things in class. They have been busy mastering addition and subtraction facts, using songs, tricks, and activities to help them practice. The class is also working really hard in reading and writing. They read all sorts of stories, studying phonics and reading skills along the way. In writing, the students have been brainstorming, organizing, and creating rough and final drafts on given topics. The first graders have made tremendous progress already!

   The class likes to learn when they can apply what they are learning to their own life. They also love to learn by participating in hands-on activities. The first graders would probably tell you that their favorite time of the day is science. There is so much to explore in science and they are so curious!

   The first graders have been involved in many activities such as studying “Christmas Around the World.” They studied how people all over the world celebrate the holidays. The class also tried some new recipes, learned about many famous places, and learned about traditions that other cultures have.

   When the class has free time they love to play games, including spelling, math, and reading games. The first graders are working on other class goals such as working on being problem solvers academically and socially, since the  first graders often just want the adult to solve the problem because it is fast and easy. This year the students have been taught to go through steps to try to reach a solution on their own.