Senior Spotlight Emily Winter

   EHS Senior Emily Winter stays busy at school participating in the speech team, golf, stampede, dance team.

   “Being a senior is kind of scary. In a couple of months, I'll be off in the real world. But I'm glad I made it this far and I'm ready for the school year to be done,” said Winter. After graduation, she plans on going to the University of Kearney (UNK) for an education major. Emily’s favorite high school memory would be some of the speech meets she went to, because she says they are always chaotic and a blast. For the rest of this year, she is looking forward to having fun and making as many memories as she can and living life with her friends before they all go down different paths. Emily’s words of advice for underclassmen are, “It may be difficult but you are almost done.” We wish Emily the best of luck on the long journey ahead!