Guidance Office News

   Kilah Deaver has been very busy this fall with her Guidance Counselor duties. Right now, she is hard at work with the seniors, who are applying for college and filling out the FAFSA. “We recently held an Apply2College Week where we celebrated the seniors' progress toward applying for college and planning for their futures,” Deaver said. The seniors will soon be starting the scholarship process.

   Deaver expressed that students from 7th-12th grade should be focusing on raising or maintaining their GPA’s. “GPAs have a large impact on the college and scholarship application process. It is also always a great idea for students to be thinking about colleges and careers they are interested in,” explained Deaver.

  One day of work holds a lot of activities for Deaver. She is responsible for: checking in with students individually, teaching elementary guidance, forming the school's master schedule, planning for district and state testing, coordinating different services for students, running our school's backpack program, and serving on our school's crisis team, “No two days are the same and I love that each day brings new and exciting challenges!” said Deaver.

   Deaver is working on a lot of new projects like Second Step, a new curriculum in which K-8 develop social-emotional skills. She is also doing her best to get used to the new state testing system. Deaver is helping plan our new evacuation drill, and expanding the TeamMates program.