Dance Team News

   The Dance Team is excited to be back on the field this year! Team members: Freshman:
Allie Lauby and Aubrey Massey; Junior: Zoey Evans; Seniors: Brooke Brockman, Emily Winter,
Gracie Rushton, Marissa McClung, and Xandria Pike. The dance was created by all the team
members and our captain Zoey Evans. This year’s (2021) Dance Team instructor is Shelby Farr.
Farr commented, “ I love that our dance is created by the girls who perform it. I think it makes it
all the more special and fun for the team.”

   "The homecoming dance went great! Team members practiced for two weeks to master the dance and perform it. The team will have a Christmas dance in December and around New Year’s they will have a dance clinic with the elementary girls.Farr has said, “Dance Team has been so much fun this year. We have a great group of girls that have lots of awesome ideas. I’m excited for all that we have done and things to come!”