Student Council

    The EHS Student Council members have been hard at work already this year, planning events and representing their classes. Student council members are: 7th grade - Kara Brockman and Julea Moore; 8th grade - Brody Diefenbaugh and Braxton Kohl; 9th grade - Judah Niemeier and Gavin Tilson; 10th grade - Drew Knoerzer and Delaney Collins; 11th grade - Elijah Niemeier and Kaden Clouse; and 12th grade - Lauren Hickey and Shannon Kennicutt.

    Jane Crofton, Student Council sponsor, explained that one of the student council’s primary responsibilities is planning Homecoming. That was a challenge this year, since Homecoming fell just a couple of weeks into the school year.

    “Student Council members worked really hard to prepare for the [Homecoming] pep rally, along with judging Homecoming hallways and costumes. In addition, student council members are responsible for filling the school’s drink machine.

    Crofton’s advice to her council members and all EHS students is simple but powerful: “My advice is for them to believe in themselves and to try to their best ability.”