Pennies for a Purpose

The Home Agency of Elwood is sponsoring the 9th Annual Team Jack Radiothon on September 16th.  Their goal is to raise awareness and research funds for pediatric brain cancer.  The Elwood Public School Pre-K Class is doing their part in this fundraiser with Preschool Pennies for a Purpose.

This fundraiser has provided the students opportunities to explore new concept areas.  This includes: Math concepts such as counting, adding and subtracting; Language and Vocabulary concepts such as same and equal; Social Studies concepts such as who is on the penny and why is he so special; Science concepts such as flow, pouring, etc; and Social Emotional concepts such as kindness, compassion, giving, and empathy.  

The Pre-K class will have their donation jars set up at the Arapahoe/Hi Line Volleyball & Football games this Friday.  Please feel free to help their Purpose by donating to Team Jack.  You can give any currency as we can exchange any money into pennies.😊

Our goal is for the children to see the meaning behind Preschool Pennies for a Purpose and feel how good it is to give.  This is an amazing learning opportunity to support their emotional growth as it is putting someone else’s needs above their own. 

Thank you for supporting Team Jack!

Mrs. Garey

Preschool Teacher

Elwood Public School