Music Department Update

   The music department, led by Nicole Nickell, has had to undergo many changes this school year because of COVID-19.

   “At the beginning of the school year the junior and senior band had to practice outdoors, this lasted about two months”, Nickell said. Now the band students are required to put bell covers on the bells of the instruments as well as sit six feet apart. For the singing classes, students all stand twelve feet apart. “About the middle of October the elementary and senior high choirs were able to sing six feet apart with their mask on” Nickell explained. The elementary choir was even able to have a music concert.

   Nickell says that almost every competition this past fall was cancelled, but the spring contests are still being held. Music students attended the Fort Kearny Conference contest on March 24 and will compete at the district music contest on April 22.

   Like her students, Nickell looks forward to things in the music department returning to closer to normal.  “I would like to see my students be able to perform without mask or bell covers. I would like to see no restrictions on concerts, pep band, conference clinics, and competitions,” she explained.

   Although this year has had a lot of restrictions and new rules Mrs.Nickell feels her students have had a pretty positive attitude about the changes in the music department. “They are good students who work hard and enjoy music. I am glad to see things opening up so they can experience clinics, competitions, and concerts again,” she said.