2020-21 Quiz Bowl

    With the 2020-21 quiz bowl season ending, Dennis Seberger, the high school quiz bowl coach, reviewed the season. Seberger said that it’s been kind of a slow season especially since COVID caused them to have fewer meets and the meets that they were allowed to go to had fewer teams. Other than that he said, “The biggest struggle this season has been finding the best way to hold meets at the beginning of the year. Many virtual meets were tested at the ESU-level with some success, but mostly smaller in person meets have been the way to go.”

   Seberger said the most memorable moment of the season was, “Twice this season we have been able to take all three teams, elementary, junior high, and high school, to meets. Having all three teams on the bus is a lot of fun, and it reminds us that we participate at every level. It’s awesome to see the students involved in Quiz Bowl through the years!”

   Seberger also mentioned that he is very proud of the team this year. He said that they did an excellent job about being flexible, being positive, and buzzing in with answers. “I’m looking forward to future meets!” commented Seberger.