Meet the new staff - Zach Schmidt and Kaylea Schutz

The following are interviews done with our new staff my members of the journalism class.

Zach Schmidt

Zach Schmidt is the new lifting teacher here at Elwood Public Schools (EPS). When asked what got him interested in teaching at EPS he responded, “I student taught in Pleasanton so I was familiar with the area and I knew I wanted to stay in Nebraska. Also I’m not too far from home and I was friends with Coach Glenn who told me good things about the school.” 

When asked about what it is like teaching at a new school during a pandemic, Schmidt responded,, “It is difficult to be a first year teacher but it definitely made it more complicated meeting people and the summer weight room was a bit of a hassle but overall it’s been pretty good.” 

      What Schmidt is most looking forward to in the 2020-21 school year is meeting students and staff. He is also excited about assistant coaching football and basketball this year. He encourages students to give their best effort whether it be in school or sports and try to be involved in different activities. “I think everyone should make the best of high school!”said Schmidt. 

Mr. Schmidt attended the university of Kearney. When asked what his hobbies were outside of school he responded with, “I like to fish, golf, and watch sports. Specifically the Huskers!” His favorite extra curricular activities that he was involved with in high school were playing football, golf, baseball and hockey but he was also a part of the National Honor Society. 

When asked what his favorite high school experience, his response was, “My senior year in general was my favorite. I only had five classes and all of my buddies were in the same classes as me which was fun.” 

Coach Schmidt is excited for what this year holds and all upcoming athletic seasons. When asked about any further comments, his response was, “GO BULLS!”

By Zoey Evans


Kaylea Schutz

    As we welcome back the school year, we also welcome new teachers to Elwood Public Schools. Kaylea Schutz, the FCS, junior high coach and elementary school PE teacher is one of several new teachers. 

    Not only is it her first year of being a teacher, she’s also starting during a pandemic. She says starting teaching during a pandemic is not ideal but she hopes to make the best of it. What brought her here? Well, Schutz was offered a K-12 FCS teaching position here at Elwood and took it. 

“Enjoy high school and be involved in everything you can be because there will become a time when you wish you could go back,” advised Ms. Schutz. Schutz is looking forward to getting to know all of the students this year. 

    Schutz grew up in a small town south of Edison, and went to Araphoe for high school, and McCook Community College and UNK for college. Throughout high school she played volleyball, basketball and ran track. In college she only played basketball for two years, and now occupies her time with sand volleyball. Most people either love being outside and camping, while others would rather stay inside,but Schutz loves camping and being at the lake. 

By Emily Winter