2023 Science Fair

   The Elwood Public Schools Science Fair happened on February 3, 2023. The person who organizes and runs the science fair is Jane Crofton. According to Crofton this was her seventh year running the science fair. This year the science fair had sixty-one students, grades 5-8, participate. The participants in the science fair have the chance to move on to the regional science fair in Curtis if they get top five in their class. 

   People who qualified for the regional science fair this year are: Karter Tilson, Kara Brockman, Noelle Rand, Bree Corey, and Lily Palmer in the eighth grade; Christdolyn Hagan, Landon Hieter, Kylee Kubert, Dominik Conn, and Aubrey Vacura in the seventh grade; and Berkley Reiners, Adyson Redwine, Bodhi Corey, Matthew Rhoades, and Klaire Pohl in the sixth grade. 

   “Projects are divided into Physical Science, Engineering, Consumer Testing, Life Science and Earth Science projects,” said Crofton. Each student presents to two judges and if the judges pick them top five in the class, they get a chance to present in front of all eight judges for them to choose who would be top three in the whole science fair. Crofton explained the importance of the science fair: “Science fair allows students an opportunity to do a hands-on experiment.  Science fair helps students understand the scientific method and conduct independent research.”