Family, Career, Community, Leaders in America, better known as FCCLA, is an activity available to Elwood Students. It is instructed by Beth Fisher and is about becoming a leader and a valued member of the community around you. FCCLA includes food science and how to be a leader and educator in your community as well as a better person for yourself and importantly help others around you.

   Fisher is excited about FCCLA because it has many benefits for the community, school, and members. Two Elwood students have qualified for the state FCCLA contest in Lincoln on April 2-4. Kara Brockman qualified for state in Promote and Publicize. As a part of her project, she gave a presentation to the sixth-grade students; this was a great way to bring the youth into FCCLA and help them understand some of the community around them. Kassandra Salisbury qualified for state in Career Investigation. Her project focused on exploring a particular career and giving a presentation over her research. Elwood Public Schools is proud to have both of these students competing at state FCCLA!