Hi-Line Golf Team Swings into Action

   The Hi-Line Bulls Golf Team has swung into action. Head Golf Coach Dennis Seberger’s
strategy this year is to “ensure that the golfers are hitting more golf balls; hitting more golf balls
is really the only way to get better. We're also trying to increase the time spent golfing on holes
instead of the range and putting greens.”
   That can be challenging in Nebraska’s spring weather. “Spring weather is always an
adventure,” said Coach Seberger. The golfers have had a hard time getting out to the course.
“However, we had some good conditioning days, and we've been on the course this week.
Practices themselves are going well, and it seems the golfers are having fun and improving
each day,” said Seberger.
   For practice routines the golfers start out putting, then spend some time on the range,
then transition to holes. For the days when they cannot get to the course they have putting lines in the carpeted school hallways, or they work on conditioning to stay loose and in shape. This year's golf team is much larger than previous years, which also means there is a lot more
competition to get on the five-man roster and compete in this year's golf invites.
   “We're really excited about our golfers this year. We have three varsity golfers back from
last year, and they are already looking improved and ready to go. We also have a few
experienced golfers who have joined the team, and we're excited to see what they can do,” said
Seberger. “One of my favorite parts, too, is the brand new golfers; we have a few who are just
learning golf, and I'm proud of them for sticking with it, listening to coaching, learning a life-long
skill, and having fun out there,” says Coach Seberger. We wish the golf team luck going into
their season.