Cross Country

   The Hi-Line Bulls Cross Country Team has been having a successful season. Kip Stephens, the assistant coach, is really excited for cross country this year. As he thinks about the cross country season, Stephens says, “I’m looking forward to working with all the kids.” As an assistant coach, Stephens keeps track of time and helps with encouraging his team. He expressed that their meets have been going really well and that the team has been doing a good job. Stephens seems really proud of this cross country team and is excited to see what will happen this year.  

     Lauren Hickey, one of two Seniors in cross country this year, is excited to be running again. Hickey enjoys all the chaos in cross country. Hickey wanted to give some pointers to those new to the team, “Don’t fall and always take water when it’s offered.”

   This year's Cross Country team is really excited for this year. Mr. Stephens knows they will do well and has a lot of fun with them.