Hi-Line Volleyball

The following is an article written by a member of the journalism class at Elwood.

By Zoey Evans

As he Hi-Line Bulls volleyball season wraps up, it’s a great time to hear from the coaches and some of the senior players about their season. Head Coach Lori Knoerzer commented, “I look forward to ending the season strong. I believe in this team and think they can do anything they set their mind on.” 

Assistant Coach Jim Kleine added, “This group of girls work hard and are one of the most determined teams I have coached.” Coach Knoerzer and Coach Klein agreed that they love being a part of a team that works hard to be the very best. 

Coach Knoerzer gave her thoughts on the most important quality of an athlete: “An athlete should be willing to put in the time in the off season and be willing to help others get better. A great mindset is also so important for the growth of the team. If an athlete can have a great mindset, it will help her teammates have a great mindset.”

Coach Klein commented, “Athletes that put in extra time and are willing to work on fundamentals will find success. Successful athletes are also mentally tough. They know how to handle stressful situations calmly and can lead the team through difficult situations.” 

Senior players Alivia Knoerzer and Kaydee Diefenbaugh also shared their thoughts on the season.When asked what she was most proud of this season, Alivia Knoerzer replied, “Coming back against St. Pats and showing that we have the ability to come back and win.”

“Helping the team win against Wilcox-Hildreth in the FKC tournament,” was Diefenbaugh’s highlight of the season. Both girls thought the most important qualities a team should have are trust, communication, commitment, and energy.