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   Welcome to the Hi-Line Bulls website. Here you will find schedules and information about teams, games, and maybe a little bit of history of the two schools eventually. To familiarize you with some of the features of this website, the live feed will feature posts about upcoming games and generally be updated with scores during or after games. Many of these posts also will appear on the newly created Hi-Line Bulls Facebook and Twitter pages. The calendar in the middle will always have the current event at the top, there is also a link for a monthly view accessed by the menu link at the top.

   While there is not a separate app for this site, if you download the Elwood Public School app (available on the Apple app store or on Google Play) you can set the app to default to Hi-Line Bulls information. This app contains the main information you see when you click on the menu link at the top of the website, access to the live feed, sports schedules, news, staff, events, and any documents we eventually post. The app also allows you to get push notifications, which will primarily be score updates as well as late changes to game times.

   We hope you find this useful. Please remember the social media links and we look forward to a great year and a great future for Hi-Line athletics……….GO BULLS!