School closing information will not be posted here. It can be found at KRVN (click the Frosty Call link) or

here on NTV (click the WeatherThreat link) and heard on the following stations.

KRVN 880AM 93.1 FM
KQKY Hits 106 105.9FM
KIOD 105.3FM
KUVR 1380AM or 97.7FM

Or you may see school closings on

KOLN/KGIN Channel 11
NTV Channel 13
KHAS channel 5 (not available on the Elwood cable system)

As of the 2008-09 school year, we have instituted a phone calling system to notify you of late starts, closings, major events and postponements. If you do not believe you are receiving calls or would like calls to come to a different phone, please notify us at school and let us know. Please realize that if there were to be a power outage this system may not work well or at all. It is always a good idea to monitor broadcast outlets if winter weather is threatening or occurring and will most likely be your only method of notification in the event of power outages.

Late starts may turn into a school closing, please continue to watch or listen for updates.